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    The purpose of education is to facilitate the empowerment of children and ready them, through a holistic, student-centered curriculum, to reach their highest potential. Education is a social common good that is best generated through a culture of research, invention, and empathy. A teacher is at their best who researches, who participates in dialogue and exchange and see the student as an active protagonist.  Our responsibility is to respect our students and support their strengths to best engage them in building theories about their lives.
    To be an educator is also to create an environment permeated with exploratory possibilities. The classroom is the third teacher, a place where an invention is not only permitted but celebrated. We must provide the ability for students to use their many languages to create a market of ideas and knowledge to exchange with teachers and their peers.
    Teaching is the interweaving of experimentation, reflection, and narration,  into the fabric of knowledge. This is the knowledge within our students, our student's parents and guardians, and ourselves. We are a link in the chain of social solidarity that is a synthesis of ideas and theories and a constant hybridization of fields of theory and practice. This culminates in the construction of learning within our community.
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